California Park Hotel, Forte dei Marmi


In the heart of Imperial Rome in Forte dei Marmi, Francesca Viacava created her 8bythesea beachwear brand.

The name of the brand is dedicated to her son, Neri, who since childhood has always been nicknamed "Otto" and is inspired by the passion for sea life.

The clothing line, totally Made in Italy, sees the terrycloth as its protagonist, reinterpreting the iconic garments of the sixties and seventies to adapt them to a contemporary beach lifestyle.

8bythesea is born for a "glamour" person who can interpret every garment making it sporty and elegant at the same time; kaftans, cover-ups, jackets to wear in the morning, for an aperitif on the beach, on a boat, at a dinner or even for a refined outfit in the intimacy of the house, in the name of the refined and disengaged elegance that you want when you are on vacation.

8bythesea through its 'Jules and Jim' striped shirts and polo shirts, inspired by the film by Truffaut and the timeless charm of the protagonists of the nouvelle vague, has given its line that international allure that sees as protagonists not only women and men, but also children with beautiful polo shirts and delicious boxers.

From the background of Francesca, as interior decorator, the line of furnishing accessories was also inspired, inspired by the passion for colonial and oriental objects and materials related to the sea, such as bamboo, straw, sailing and sponge, played in contrast to each other to create an unmistakable stylistic identity.

8bythesea, finally, is born from the desire to create products that do not follow the trends of the moment, but instead coined elegance and practicality, in the spirit of strongly distinguishing the personality of all those people who do not want or need to appear.


Today, we host a small corner shop inside our hotel where you can buy 8bythesea products.

A small space, a niche, that reflects the peculiarity of the brand.

See you there!